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Explorinka and his team of cyclists have been working and exploring the best cycling routes to make your travel experience the best and unforgettable. Learn more about us.

Explorinka is a company that was created with the purpose of offering the best mountain biking service, with great enthusiasm to spread our passion for adventure activities in the Peruvian Andes. Our core revolves around the client, it is for this fundamental reason that we strive to provide the best experience giving emotions with a familiar and personalized treatment, guaranteeing safety, fun and full adrenaline.

Our distinction is the service we provide without rushing to finish the circuits with the best professional guides, trained and experts in this adventure activity. We count with innovation of modern equipment in special bicycles for this type of adventure sport service.

Why Choose Explorinka?

  • We have a team that puts passion and dedication to the activities we perform.
  • We have the best cycling professionals with cycling certifications.
  • We design experiences for our clients from a cyclist's perspective.
  • We acquire new and modern equipment updated within the trend in the cycling community.
  • We have medical support in case of accidents, we are working with the O2 clinic to ensure safety.
  • Socially responsible company.
Maras Moray Group Biking


Explore more trails promoting the use of bicycles in different modalities.


To be a sustainable platform to support cyclists on the different routes in Peru.


Professional tour guide. Specialized and certified Mountain Bike Guide. With more than 10 years of experience in adventure sports and tourism. Expert in cultural and historical trails. Vocation in customer service. Lover of his profession. Passion for adventure sports. Bilingual.
Renato Paz
Professional tour guide. Specialized guide and certified in Mountain Biking. With more than 19 years of experience in adventure sports and tourism. Expert in trails of cultural and historical experience. Vocation in customer service. Lover of adventure sports and nature. Mountain Bike Teacher.
Leo Zutta
Professional guide, certified in Mountain Bike and with more than 10 years of experience in adventure sports and tourism. Expert on high difficulty trails. Adventure sports lover. Passion for bicycles.
Professional guide, with Mountain Bike certification and with more than 15 years of experience in adventure sports and quality of service. High rating in satisfaction surveys. Lover of adventure sports and bicycles. Bilingual.


Explorinka cares about your total comfort during your experience, that's why we offer modern and updated bicycles to the professional trend of the Mountain Bike community.

Trek Marlin 7 bikes

Ideal for a beginner in mountain biking, prepared to compete
It has 11 speeds
Rockshox suspension with 100 millimeters of travel
29 inch and 27.5 inch wheels
Shimano hydraulic brakes
Sizes S, M, L and XL
Weight 13.47 kilos or 29.7 pounds

Santa Cruz hightower bikes

Designed for those cyclists with greater endurance allowing them to go further, faster and higher for longer.
140mm Rockshox fork air system.
Rockxhox rear suspension with 140 mm millimeters of travel
29-inch wheels with Maxxis tires
12 speeds, single chainring and Sram Eagle system
Sram Guide hydraulic brakes
Weight of 15.92 kg or 35.1 pounds
Dropper seat (adjustable)
Ideal for sports such as Enduro