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3328 - 3750
+27 / - 464 m.
5.5 km.
Type Route
How is the yuncaypata downhill trail?

The backyard of Cusco's cyclists, as many call it, because of its popularity and versatility in lines ranging from the most inexperienced to the most experienced. Yuncaypata Downhill has in its route different obstacles for the rider, you start with old steps to a fast straight and then connect to a stage of ramps and then to a vertical of roots giving it a different touch to the other routes in the area.
You will go through eucalyptus forests, through curves with camber and counter camber. There are some ramps and drops that you can either use or avoid depending on your ability. You end up in the southern part of Cusco. 

What is the distance of the yuncaypata downhill trail?

It is not a very long circuit, but it is a lot of fun. Its 5.5 km has variations of terrain from fast and vertical straights to loose terrain. In addition to finding ramps that "sweeten" our experience, of course, if you like to jump.

What level should i have to ride the yuncaypata downhill?

You need to have an intermediate level, however, there are lines that allow you to experiment according to your level. What is true is that you need to at least acclimatize to the altitude, if you are not used to the 3750 meters above sea level it will affect you a little.

What is the weather like on the yuncaypata downhill trail?

The months of May through December the weather is dry, but consider that it is very cold. Temperatures in this season can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius depending on the time you go out. The rest of the year is rainy, which makes it a little more difficult to walk the trails.

What type of trail is yuncaypata downhill?

The trail is singletrack downhill.

How to get to yuncaypata downhill?

It is very easy to get to the circuit, there are cars that can take you to the starting point for only 5 dollars approximately. If you are in Cusco, locate the Enaco bus stop, in this place you will find cars ready to take you and your bike.


Yunkaypata Downhill Trail