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2900 - 4770
+ 1870 m.
8 km
Easy Moderate
Type Route

What is lares trail like?

Lares is an ancient trail used for communication and commercialization between different communities in the Calca valley. It is currently used not only for mountain biking, but also for recreational trekking.

This trail offers different types of terrain, for the most experienced, it starts on a "wall" of loose dirt, ideal for freeride and those riders who seek to accelerate the heart to the maximum.

This is the route that many riders consider perfect for novice riders, as it does not have very difficult obstacles to ride. Its main characteristic is its flat surface, you are sure to experience high speeds in long sections. At some point you will find sections of steps and rocks, which sweetens our experience even more. In the final part of the course you will have to make some cuts between traffic lanes, watch well where the entrances are and cross with caution.

What is the distance from lares trail?

Its distance is 8Km.

What level do i need to have to ride on trail sites?

If you are a beginner you may want to consider this trail, but ideally you should be an advanced beginner. Of course some sections you will have to push your bike through, but overall as a novice you will have a great time riding this trail.

What is the climate like in trail areas?

Lares has a variable climate due to its altitude and location, normally it does not rain in the mornings until noon, then there is a high probability of rain.

What type of trail is lares?

It is a singletrack type trail, although almost 60% of the trail is wide enough for a singletruck.

How to get to the lares trail?

To get to the trail you need to make two trips, first you must get to the town of Calca and then take a car that will take you to the pass of Lares. Locate the land terminal of Puputi, you will see many transportation options between small and large cars, choose the one that best suits you and your bike. You will travel about an hour and a half through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, once in Calca, you will see in the same station cars that are destined for the town of Lares, these cars will take you to the starting point of the trail, even some are conditioned to carry bicycles. Take one of these wagons, when you are at your destination follow the gps instructions.


Lares Trail