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2792 - 4300
+330 / -1508 m.
30 km
Type Route
SingleTruck Enduro

How is the patacancha enduro trail?

Patacancha as a mountain biking trail, is considered one of the highest in the world, its distance from the starting point to the end is around 30 km, consequently, it makes a quite demanding test for cyclists. The terrain is not very hilly, however, consider that some sections you will find loose rocks and a combination of moss and mud that can make the tire slip while riding.

The most fun of this circuit is that it has many sections where you can flow and go to the handle, on the other hand, be sure to choose the right line, because certainly you will see many at the beginning, but not all of them will let you pass. We recommend going as high as you can when you see more than two trails.

What is the distance of the patacancha enduro trail?

There are 30 km of cycling, 90% of which is singletrack, otherwise, you will have to cut through the road until you get to reconnect with the trail.

What level do i need to have to ride the enduro patacancha?

It is recommended that you are of intermediate level, have a good physical condition because you will be above 4000 meters above sea level. It is not a complicated trail, however, it requires good physical condition.

What is the weather like on the patacancha enduro trail?

The weather will depend a lot on the season in which you visit Patacancha. It usually rains from December to May, sometimes the rains are so heavy that they form small rivers flooding some sections of the trail. In the rest of the year the weather is dry, sunny days but the temperature can drop to 8 degrees Celsius. Consider the proper equipment to bring according to the season.

What type of trail is patacancha enduro?

The trail is a singletrack Enduro type, it is not a circuit built for bicycles, in fact, it is an old road used for the transfer of products between communities, nevertheless, many mountain bikers consider attractive this type of trail, for having certain complexity since it is not designed for mtb compared with conventional circuits.

How to get to patacancha enduro?

To get to Patacancha you have to leave Cusco towards the town of Ollantaytambo (A 2 hour trip) then you will drive for another hour to the pass of Yanamallo, in this place will be your starting point. Consider hiring a car that can take you and your bike to the place.


Patacancha Trail