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3328 - 3750  
-222 m/200 m
16 km
Type Route

How is the Yuncaypata Family xc bike trail?

Yukaypata has among its many trails a stage that we could say that it is easy in its difficulty. Being the trail type xc or crosscountry. It starts in the community of Yunkaypata located approximately 45 minutes from the city of Cusco, mountain biking in Cusco becomes a simple and close activity for enthusiastic cyclists who have little time to stay in Cusco.

The trail is a wide road, used for transporting agricultural products and timber. There is almost no vehicular traffic, which makes it practically the ideal way to ride a bicycle in Cusco and enjoy the scenery while escaping the ruins and bustle of the city.

Regarding the slope, there is not much positive slope, on the contrary you will be able to descend and pedal flat stretches. The altitude is a disadvantage, so be prepared that you will reach 3750 at the beginning of the trail.

What is the distance of the Yuncaypata family bike ride?

The distance is not very long, considering that it is more of a walking circuit, its 16 km make it perfect to enjoy this adventure. If you prefer to do more mileage, you can always do more than one lap, because the circuit is close to the city of Cusco.

What level should I have to ride in the Yuncaypata family bike ride?

You do not need to have much level, the only thing that can affect you is the altitude. We recommend that first you can acclimatize for at least two days in Cusco, doing activities without much physical wear. Then you will be able to ride your bike on this trail without problems.

 Even so, consider that in some sections you may find the terrain with many holes due to rain or the passage of farm animals. If you usually ride only in the city, you will need a bit of technique on the bike. Remember that whenever you can't do a stage, walking would be the best for you.

What is the weather like on the Yuncaypata trail bike ride?

The weather basically depends on the time of the year you are present in Cusco. Biking in Cusco in the months of December through April has a high probability of rain, but if you don't mind the weather, be sure to bring a good waterproof jacket. The rest of the year is perfect for cycling in Cusco, there is not much rain, but the cold is a constant. It is best to be prepared for any weather eventuality.

What type of trail is it?

The trail is xc road type.

How to get to Yuncaypata Yunkaypata mountain biking in Cusco?

To get to this trail, you can take a cab and secure your bike in the trunk or on top of the car (if the car allows it). If you are already in Cusco, it is best to locate the car terminal in Enaco, about a 30 minute ride on the ciclovía from Cusco to the south of Cusco. These cars are prepared to carry bicycles and you will also be able to find other cyclists who can keep you company.

However, it would be best to hire a tour, to ensure your safety while riding and forget about all the logistics of carrying your bike or have any damage in the middle of the hill. We can help you, if you want us to take care of all the logistics we recommend this tour by clicking here.


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