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Trail Maras Moray

2870 - 3780
+ 910 m.
30 km
Type Route

How is the Maras Moray trail?

The first part of the trail is basically a road with dimensions proportional to a car. The terrain is clayey in the rainy season, it can be slippery in some sections, you should be cautious if you decide to go out in the rain. In dry season, dust is normal on the road, but nothing to worry about, consider wearing glasses at the time of your ride.

The second part, after passing through the town of Maras, the trail will get narrower, just enough to keep us safe while pedaling. It goes through a canyon towards the salt mines. This is a high speed section as it leads downhill. There are not many rocks on the trail, however there are sections that demand a bit of skill, just after the salt mines.

How long is the Maras Moray trail?

The distance is 30km from the starting point to the community of Pichingoto (community located near the town of Urubamba).

What level should i have to ride Maras Moray trail?

You don't need to have much experience, if you ride periodically and want to enjoy nature with Peruvian culture, this trail is perfect for you.

How to get to Maras Moray trail?

To get to the trail, you need to locate the Chinchero bus terminal. It is located on AV. Grau. Your destination is the town of Chinchero, it is there where your tour will begin. Once you arrive in Chinchero, you will have to pedal to the small town of Huatata. Follow the GPS instructions below.


 Maras Moray Trail