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2924 - 3500
+ 93 / -710 m.
5.5 km.
Type Route
Enduro SingleTruck

What is the raqchi enduro trail like?

Raqchi Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the riders in the area prefer it for its characteristics, because you can find only at the beginning of the route, sections of stone that requires some skill in handling your bike. You will also find areas of steps, curiously these stairs were used by the Incas 500 years ago and later by villagers for communication between villages.

A quality that also stands out in this circuit, is that almost at the end you will enter a stage in which the road was adapted for the circulation of bicycles. This makes the trail more fun because of its diversity of obstacles. It goes without saying that the scenic view of the sacred valley is an added value to our experience in Raqchi.

What is the distance of the raqchi enduro trail?

The trail is not long, however, its 5.5 km will be the most exciting of your MTB day. You will finish in the village of Urquillos very close to Urubamba.

What level do i need to have to ride the raqchi enduro trail?

Although Raqchi Trail is a trail that offers us a lot in obstacles and incredible views, you need to have an advanced level to walk its stages. On the other hand, remember that you can always walk in the sections that you see that you can't roll.

What is the weather like on the raqchi enduro trail?

The weather changes according to the season of the year, in the months of December to January it usually rains, the rest of the year the days are dry. Also consider that in the mornings you may find the mountain foggy, try to bring a light coat just in case.

What type of trail is raqchi enduro?

It is a downhill type singletrack, in some sections it has many rock stages and stairs that give some difficulty to the trail. If you like the sections with steep slopes and ramps, this is a good choice, actually you will find right at the end of its route, a whole stage with ramps and steep slopes designed for mountain biking.

How to get to raqchi enduro trail?

To get to Raqchi you have to locate the Urubamba bus terminal, there you will find cars that can take you to the starting point. Your destination will be the viewpoint of Raqchi, it is very close to the road, you can not get lost. Then follow the road to the village of Raqchi, if you go straight you will find the trail, continue without deviating. You will finally arrive to Urquillos.


Raqchi Trail