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2944 - 3963
- 996 m.
12 km
Type Route
SingleTruck Enduro

How is the lamay huama enduro trail?

Lamay Huama is a singletrack, which was adapted in some way for the use of enduro cyclists, the people of the community of Huama joined together to recover part of their roads and improve it to attract more riders to the area. The circuit starts on an old road through corn fields and eucalyptus forests, until it reaches a stage of curves where it requires more technical skills to take the cambers. Almost all the trail is quite fluid, but you will find technical areas to vary a little our route.

What is the distance of the lamay huama enduro trail?

12 km of good downhill is what awaits us in this circuit. All through the beautiful valley of Lamay.

What level do i need to have to ride the lamay huama enduro?

Intermediate is the level you should have for this circuit, many times some people are not used to the altitude, if this is your case consider acclimatizing before walking this trail.

What is the weather like on the lamay huama enduro trail?

The weather varies according to the season of the year, from December to May it usually rains so the terrain gets slippery, but this also has its charm for some riders. The rest of the year is cold season, which makes the terrain very dry and a little loose in some cases.

What type of trail is lamay enduro?

It is a singletrack type trail, although it is not a 100% bicycle circuit, it has many sections modified and adapted for Enduro.

How to get to lamay huama enduro?

You have to drive from Cusco to the village of Lamay by the Pisaq route, once in the village head towards the Lamay valley heading northwest (Huama village). As you go up you will notice you will have to pay the entrance fee to the villagers, when you pass the check point you will follow the road until you reach a lagoon, right there is the starting point, the only thing left is to have fun.


Lamay Huama Trail