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Many say that young people are the future, the foundation of a community is forged by passionate youths with a thirst for success. Certainly, in our country, we can find many examples of young athletes who lack the tools and proper support for their sports career to stand out in this competitive world. Our commitment as a company is to promote the sport of Mountain Biking, supporting local athletes who inspire other young people to become new cyclists, promoting values and service to society.

Explorinka is currently supporting many young riders with bicycles and financial support as needed.

Abel caceres 1024x892 - SUPPORTING LOCAL RIDERS

Abel Caceres:

A Cusco rider passionate about speed, who, in addition to mountain biking, also participates in rally competitions.
Abel has participated in many MTB competitions, achieving significant medals. His desire and effort in this sport inspire many. Currently, Abel does not have a competition bike, but seeing his achievements, Explorinka has been supporting him by providing a bike so he can train and participate in different local competitions.

Siwar Monteagudo: 

Siwar is practically a benchmark for Mountain Biking in Cusco. We were able to support him in some national competitions like the Enduro series 2021 where he reached the podium in his category. He also participates in some tours that we organize as support for our guides.
Siwar is a competitor who has won many medals, giving us an example that everything can be achieved with perseverance and effort.

Siwar monteagudo rider 1024x892 - SUPPORTING LOCAL RIDERS

Chirra veloz 1 1024x892 - SUPPORTING LOCAL RIDERS

Isrrael Bernaola:

Israel, or as his friends call him Chirra, is a persevering athlete. Apart from his skills as a rider, which by the way, he is one of the best in Peru in the Downhill modality. He has been winning different downhill competitions like the Inkavalanche, and other local competitions. Explorinka supported him by providing a bicycle for him to use so he can win medals during his career.

Gerson Paz

Gerson loves MTB as well as nature and animals. We met him in a video we made and were amazed, as with a rigid bike he performs incredible jumps, talented by nature.
We supported him in some competitions, of course, he reached the podium and won medals. You can always count on us, Gerson.


We are pleased to help not only riders but also to continue building and maintaining trails so that the cyclist community grows, as we know that everything will be better while you're on the bike.