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2941 - 4300
+ 1359 m.
13.5 km
Type Route

How is Lamay trail?

It is a trail that offers us sections to flow at high speeds in addition we will find technical terrain that will demand great skill in the handling of your bike. Lamay is a road that is still used by the villagers to transport their agricultural products.

It does not have much downhill slope, but there are sectors of steps made of stone with a height of 30 centimeters in some steps. Rocks are present at certain stages of the trail. Near the end of the trail, the path becomes flatter, making it easier for you to roll faster downhill.

What is the Lamay trail distance?

It has a distance of 13.5km

What level do i need to have to ride Lamay trail?

Consider having an intermediate level to run Lamay Classic. You will feel comfortable on most of the course, although the grandstand section may require a little more attention.

What is the weather like on Lamay trail?

The climate in Lamay is cool during the rainy season, usually raining all day in January, February and March. The rest of the year is dry, although sometimes it rains unexpectedly.

What type of trail is Lamay?

Es un sendero tipo singletruck - downhill

How to get to Lamay trail?

You can only get to Lamay by private car, there are no public cars that pass through the road to Lamay. You will leave Cusco towards the town of Lamay, by the same road that takes us to the popular town of Pisaq. Once in Lamay you will take a road that leads to the community of Sapacto. This community will be your starting point, follow the GPS instructions once you are in Sapacto.


Lamay Classic Trail