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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2:00 Hrs. Approx
Height: 4300- 2800 m.s.n.m.
Distance: 12.6km Approx.
Outputs: Departure time: 7:00 Hrs.As ordered
Departure time: 7:00 Hrs.

Descend the route of the most famous MTB competition in Peru, the Inca Avalanche. Come with us on an adventure on the ancestral Inca trail, among the mountains of the Ollantaytambo Valley.

  • Camera and light backpack
  • Sportswear and sneakers
  • Sportswear and sneakers
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Raincoat (in rainy season)
  • Transportation to and from lodging
  • Specialized cycling guide (Bilingual Spanish-English )
  • Box lunch or snacks
  • Mountain bikes
  • Safety equipment (Helmet - Gloves)
  • Tips
  • Extras
  • Consumption in the brewery of the Valley


As a lover of cycling adventure, this tour is perfect for you Inka Avalache, besides being a route with whom you can ride with your family or friends. This is a race that has grown every year.

This day will start by heading along the Sacred Valley until we pass the town of Ollantaytambo and continue the way to Abra Malaga (4300 meters above sea level), division between the jungle and the highlands of Cusco, besides being the starting point of this adventure. In this place we will prepare ourselves with the protection equipment and our guide will give us a talk about the route and the security to consider during the descent.

As we descend approximately 1500 meters into the valley, we will go through different Andean floors and we will see how the vegetation changes.

This descent is a favorite of locals and foreigners, full of obstacles, with water channels, stone beds, vertical paths and road crossings between sections.

This descent ends near the village of Phiry, where the vehicle will be waiting and we will take the opportunity to recharge our batteries and take a short rest. Our team will offer you boxlunches and snacks.

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After our break, we will drive to the archaeological complex of Pumamarka. It is here where we will begin the second part of our tour.We will start by trails that cross cultivated areas, with small positive slopes. We will cross the Patacancha valley through a flowing section between Andean terraces and stone steps.We will culminate in the Ollantaytambo square through the small streets with Inca architecture, preserved to this day. At the end of the tour we will toast our great day of adventure with an ice-cold craft beer. Afterwards, our vehicle will take you back to your hotel.


In order to start your reservation process please send us the following information:

  • Name and surname:
  • Passport No.:
  • Nationality:
  • Date of birth:
  • Sex:
  • Phone:
  • Hotel in Cusco:
  • Size (Our bicycles are customized according to your size:
  • Weight (Full suspension bike models are weight-optimized for comfort)
  • It is very important your information about your hotel in the city of Cusco, so we can pick you up there at the beginning of the tour.

To confirm reservations, 50% of the payment is required in advance and the other 50% can be paid upon arrival at your destination..

We have 4 options for you to make the deposit.

  1. Credit card payment VISA o MASTERCARD through our system the system charges an additional 5% (SSL secure system and foreign bank transfer fees).
  2. Payment via Western Union to our representative: CARLOS ALBERTO POLAR AIQUIPA - DNI: 29691237 - City: Cusco - Peru. You must send us the MTCN code of your deposit.
  3. Payment via deposit to our company's account in the BBVA Banco Continental Checking Account: Account Code. Interbank: (CCI) 011 201 000100028495 18 - CUSCOPERU.COM E-COMMERCE SRL - SWIFT CODE: BCONPEPL - must add U$60.00 which is the charge that our bank makes to our account for international transfer and administrative expenses, you should also consult your bank about the additional amount that you will be charged..
  4. Credit card payment VISA - MASTERCARD with the PAYPAL generating the payment order that we would send to you from e-commerce If you accept this option, there is a 7% surcharge. .
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If you come with your bike there will be a $45 discount on your purchase.


As a cycling adventure lover, this tour is perfect for you Inca Avalache, besides being a route you can ride with your family or friends. This is a race that has been growing every year.

It all starts on a mountain at 4200 meters above sea level with temperatures of approximately 10 degrees Celsius in the rainy season. Sometimes the temperature can drop to 0 degrees causing snow, depending on the season.

The Inca Avalanche Trail is a complete circuit to enjoy the down hill. From the beginning it offers high speed sections, with wet terrain, loose rocks, mud, subtly giving it a touch of difficulty.

As you descend, you will find more vegetation, the temperature will rise a little and you will ride through sections that demand more technique in your style. The verticals and curves will be frequent on the trail, slightly sharp curves lacking cant and verticals with lots of mud and considerable inclines. But don't worry, it's not difficult to ride as long as you have some intermediate experience.

The gaps and drops are also present, there are some gaps with a distance of 2 meters between the ramp and the receiver, and others of 5 to 6 meters of pit, this being the largest. The drops are not very high, they will have approximately a height of 2 meters maximum, with a good inclination of the receiver, allowing you a good landing at the moment of jumping.

The trail has a distance of 12.6km starting at Abra Malaga and culminating in the town of Phiri.

The level you should have is advanced intermediate. Consider the obstacles you will be riding over such as mud, rocks and jumps. On average the level of the circuit is a black diamond.

Being a mountain at 4200 meters above sea level the weather is almost unpredictable, it may be raining or you may have a little sunshine. The normal is that it does not rain in the morning hours until noon. This applies in the months of November until the end of March. The rest of the months are considered dry days, but there is always a high probability of precipitation. Don't forget to bring a rain jacket if you are going to ride the Inca Avalanche.

The Inca Avalanche is a single track trail.

If you are in Cusco city the first thing you should do is to protect your bike well because you will take it in a car not conditioned for bicycles.

You need to locate the bus terminal that takes you to the city of Quillabamba located in the district of Santiago in Zarzuela street. You will buy a ticket with end point at Abra Malaga. Once your bike is installed in the cargo hold you will travel for approximately 3 hours until you reach your destination. When you arrive at the starting point locate the trailhead next to a house, or you can ask the locals. Now you can start your adventure through the Inca Avalanche.


During your tour you will cross traffic lanes, this will happen frequently at different points. Be very careful, you may encounter a car as you pass. Slow down when you see the traffic lane and look from side to side before crossing.




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